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The book includes a range of topics, from the initial contracting strategy to decommissioning and the removal of the units concerned.

Coverage includes both fundamental theory and principles of the individual technologies. This book will be useful to students who will be approaching the subject for the first time as well as designers working on the engineering for ship-shaped offshore installations.

Ship-Shaped Offshore Installations

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The Lean Startup Eric Ries Front-end engineering-- 3. Design principles, criteria and regulations-- 4. Environmental phenomena and application to design-- 5.

Ship-Shaped Offshore Installations by Jeom Kee Paik (ebook)

Serviceability limit state design-- 6. Ultimate limit state design-- 7.

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Fatigue limit state design-- 8. Accidental limit state design-- 9.

Topsides, mooring and export facilities design-- Corrosion assessment and management-- Inspection, maintenance and repair-- Tanker conversion and decommissioning-- Risk assessment and management-- Appendix 1. Terms and definitions-- Appendix 2. Scale definitions of winds, waves and swells-- Appendix 3. Probability of sea states at various ocean regions-- Appendix 4.

Scaling laws for physical model testing-- Appendix 5.

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Methods for ultimate limit state assessment of ships and ship-shaped offshore structures: Part I unstiffened plates, Ocean Engineering, doi The results and insights developed from the present study are summarized in terms of ultimate strength characteristics of bottom-stiffened plate structures. Authors Close. Assign yourself or invite other person as author. It allow to create list of users contirbution.

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Ship Shaped Offshore Installations Design, Building, and Operation

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